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Shelving Solutions For Your Childs Room

Now don’t get me wrong…. I really don’t live in Ikea.  Yes I think it’s a useful store but really I’ve only visited a handful of times. When I do, I stock up on the basics and often post pics from it to inspire ideas. Many similar items can be purchased in local DIY stores or the internet but its a great base to get pics from for moodboards etc.

In particular….shelves and storage units!! Need I say more? Has your toddler a collection of books to rival the local library?




I’ve created a collection of shelving ideas suitable for your baby/toddler room. Not only books but photo frames, toys, lamps etc can all decorate these pieces of furniture.


1.  BESTÅ Shelf unit/height extension unit, white € 30.00

2. HEMNES Bookcase, grey-brown € 115.00

3. LIATORP Wall/bridging shelf, white € 125.00

4. RIBBA Picture ledge, white € 7.50

5. HEMNES Bookcase, white € 125.00

6. HEMNES Wall/bridging shelf, grey-brown € 100.00


I’ve even located some pics from Ikea Hackers to show that with a little imagination, your child can really have  a bespoke piece including  a very cute vintage inspired napkin holder!

knowledge tree-723217

SAM_0072 - R-724746



So no more mess, but would the following picture be a step to far???



(Maybe….but I still love it <3)

Any unusual shelving/storage solutions you’d like to share?


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6 thoughts on “Shelving Solutions For Your Childs Room

  1. Jen Kelly on said:

    I love the Dr Seuss quote and shelves full of books! I’m a total bookworm so try to encourage my kids to read and I think that can only be done by exposure to books. I still want that exposure to look pretty though! Lol!

  2. Are the napkin holders from Ikea??That looks so pretty!We used the Ikea spice racks in a similar way for holding books but I am thinking I could use that Ribba shelf beside my daughter’s bed as she doesn’t have a bedside table.

    • Ya Karen, as far as I know they are. Id say you might see something similar in little gift shops too or maybe even lying around at home. Very cute for a little girls room.

  3. I need to,sort out my children’s books pronto. A mess here that makes your first pic look ok! Tha is for the inspiration!

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