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Mood Board – Pink And Green Can Always Be Seen…..

So I think its inevitable that pink is going to feature in most little girls bedrooms. Even if you’re not a very “pink parent” or your little girl is a tomboy, its hard to escape PINK! But there are ways to tone down the princess look if that’s not your bag. Pink and brown were always a favourite of mine….

Pink and Brown

But to go for something a little more natural, and lets face, probably easier to work with regarding tones and shades of items to decorate with I’ve chosen to create a mood board around pinks and greens. Featuring stronger shades as opposed to pastels here is my latest moodboard. Most of this look can be purchased without leaving the house, yup I’ve featured a lot of items from ETSY as its such a wonderful resource with a huge amount of beautiful soft furnishings to choose from.

Pink and Green should definitely be seen

I think the mix of shades of both pinks and greens work really well together without being all matchy, would you find something like this easy to create for a little girl? A great tip its to seek out some cute images on the web and pop them in a frame to match your colour scheme!

Like it?

As most of the items can be bought online, here’s the info as requested:

1. Pink Cushions – $14.00 USD Approx €11.12

2. Green cushion –  $15.00 USD Approx €11.92

3. Table lamp –  VIDJA Table lamp, pink € 19.00

4. Rug –  BARNSLIG RINGDANS  Rug, green € 30.00

5. Wall decal –   $20.00 USD Approx €15.89

6. Wall print –  $15.00 USD Approx €11.92

7. Book ends –  $56.00 USD Approx €44.49

8. Wall print – $14.00 USD Approx €11.12 

9. Pink chevron blanket –  $40.00 USD Approx €31.78

10. Chair – KIVIK One-seat section, Ingebo light beige € 250.00

11. Pink patch blanket –  $100.00 CAD Approx €80.00

12. Storage bag – Next  €13

13. Wall print –  $35.00 USD Approx €27.80

14. Wall decal –  $99.00 USD Approx €78.65


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9 thoughts on “Mood Board – Pink And Green Can Always Be Seen…..

  1. I love these colors together! Green is my favorite color, but I think working it in with the pinks for a baby is absolutely appropriate and adorable!

    • Im glad you like it Amanda Jo. Yes, the colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel usually provide a great look together. I think the pops of pink really add character.

  2. One of my favourite colour combo’s is pink and green. I have Eva’s room (10 years old) in this colour scheme. Love it, very girly.

  3. Love this!! It is exactly what i am looking for, the mixes of pink and green, and the shades are spot on! I love the bookends! Oh i am so excited to get moving on this project now, thank you so much xxx

    • Wow, you’re welcome Mary L! Glad to help. Saw an idea on Pinterest, I think it was, where you can create your own book ends by gluing your child favourite characters (x 2 obviously) onto plain bookends to really personalise it. Adding cars for a boys one would be a perfect example.
      Thanks for the feedback too.

  4. Oh I love it! Green is Mia’s favourite colour-she has a lovely pink and green bedspread-the colours work so well together 🙂

    • Thanks so much Karen. Im gonna need a pic of that bedspread, sounds lovely Could add it to this blog post, ha ha. Think Id love a room like this but doubt himself would allow it!

  5. Gorgeous combo! You’d be able to put together a really nice shared boy & girl theme with this! Don’t think I’m brave enough to give my sons too much pink. We’ll have to finish that room one of these days..,

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