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Lena’s Room

Name: Lena

Age: 2

Words from mum: Lena has set up camp in the box room, so although I had a huge number of decorating ideas, I didn’t want to swamp what is a fairly small space.  We want to be able to get as long as possible from the décor, so tried to avoid too much pink in the permanent parts – although she’s a very girlie girl at the moment.  The walls are one of my very favourite colours, and although it was hard to get the shade I really wanted, I found it after a lot of tester patches!  We have a bed for when Lena’s ready for it, which is the same colour as the cot and will sit under the window.

Multi photo frame – Heatons

Shelf – Lidl

Cot – Mothercare

Quilt – Made by Nana

Lamp – stand from Woodies, shade from Ikea

Wardrobe stickers – Dunnes Stores

Mirrors – B&Q

Name in a frame – christening gift, purchased from The Baby and Christening Gift Store

Embroidered picture – handmade birthday gift

Lampshade – Ikea

Stickers – Dunnes Stores

Hanger – birthday gift from Carrig Donn

Photo frames – Dunnes Stores (original artwork by Lena!)

The frames were individual stand up frames (ie with a support at the back rather than a hanging loop) with a bow at the top, but I strung them on the ribbon so they could be hung on the wall.

Walls – Crown paint, Aqua Source

Curtains – Home Focus at Hickeys

So there it is…..what a beautiful little girls room.  And most importantly Lena loves her room, lots of really special elements and how cute…tons of personalised and handmade items including her own framed artwork!!

Thanks to Lena’s mum for sharing.

As always, any questions…feel free to ask.


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